R/GA Helps Teens Cope With ‘Textual Harassment’

By Matt Van Hoven 

A new Web site by R/GA here in New York uses socks, fruit, a white guy and more to show teens how they can avoid certain pressures from their boy/girlfriends. For example, did you know teens pressure their “partners” to send them nude pics via cell phone, or that text message inundation (yo, where u @?) is an issue kids deal with? Neither did we.


The site, ThatsNotCool.com is very viral-wannabe, what with videos like the one you see above, but the AdCouncil project delivers a strong message aimed at empowering pressured teens: communicate with your partner about the issue you’re having. Issues include: incessant requests for one’s location, for nude photos, mcspace/facebook hacking.

We particularly enjoyed one video where three pieces of fruit (representing teen guys, see it above) are sitting in a basement watching TV when one pipes that he’s been talking with Orange, who is apparently hot. His two fruit-bros jibe him to get her to send nude pics. Cue peel joke. When Apple, the dude who’s been hanging with Orange says that he’s already tried and she doesn’t seem to be into it, his buddies suggest he send some “junk” photos to entice her. One day they’ll learn that women aren’t as enticed by such things as men are, but that’s another post.

In the next scene, the apple has peeled his lower skin off, and his buddies begin taking pics of him disrobed. Awk!

This whole phenomenon is summed up as “textual harassment.” Remember how we talked about a certain teen whose monthly texts (sent/received) reached more than 28,000 messages in one month alone? The subject of that piece is not unique, though we can’t speak to whether or not she deals with the issues R/GA is hashing out.

The site hasn’t been officially launched yet, but it is live, so check it out. But, don’t tell R/GA we sent you.

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