Hustle, Draymond Green Ignore Press for Beats

By Erik Oster 

Hustle, the R/GA-associated unit that creates campaigns for Beats, launched a new spot for its fashion headphones brand featuring Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green, entitled “Hear What You Want.”

In the spot, Green fields a series of increasingly hostile questions from the press, such as “How does it feel to play third fiddle to two All Stars?” Green shakes off some of the questions, answers others as dismissively as possible — like his “I don’t” when asked “You’ve been called disrespectful, how do you respond to that?” Eventually, Green has heard enough, slips on his Beats and walks away as the Eminem track “Phenomenal” plays, followed by the “Hear What You Want” tagline,  emphasizing the portability of the wireless Solo 2 headphones. Beats has long based its marketing around celebrity athlete endorsements, such as recent spots starring Lebron James and Cam Newton, so “Hear What You Want” is far from a departure. But this time there’s a new Eminem track to boost the spot’s viewability, which has resulted in over a million views since being uploaded last week.

Group Creative Directors – Will Esparza and Zach Hilder
Associate Creative Director / Writer – Scott Stevens
Associate Creative Director / Art Director – Emanuel Gregori
Associate Creative Director / Writer- Devin Heatley
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