R/GA Blows Minds for Jet.com

By Erik Oster 

R/GA launched the debut broadcast spot for members-only online shopping site Jet.com, entitled “The Biggest Thing in Shopping Since…Shopping” that is quite the departure from the over five-minute-long information-fest New York agency Circus Maximus unleashed in July.

The 60-second spot traces back the history of “mind-blowing” advancements in shopping, beginning with a young man discovering online shopping in the 90s. From here, the action goes back to the credit card, cash register and eventually the barter system, showing each as an advancement that literally blows people’s minds, and suggesting that Jet.com is the next such advancement. The spot ends with the line, “Introducing Jet.com, the biggest thing in shopping since…shopping.” It’s certainly an attention-grabbing tactic, as it’s pretty hard to ignore heads exploding into purple powder. The depiction of the 90s kid discovering online shopping also hits home for those of us who grew up in the decade and while its humor may not always hit the mark, the intentionally over the top approach is certainly memorable. 15 and 30-second edits of the spot will run on broadcast for 12 weeks, including during the premiers of CBS’s “Supergirl” and ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” and the full 60-second spot will run during regional NFL games on CBS this Sunday, September 13. 

The broadcast spot is part of a year-long, $100 million ad-blitz the company launched after opening to the public in July, which so far has included digital, social and OOH elements. Agency SS+K worked with the brand on a social effort celebrating different customers’ shopping carts, entitled “#JetSpree.”

“Our platform, our site, is so broadly accessible and broadly applicable for the mass market,” Jet.com chief customer officer Liza Landsman explained to AdAge. “We’re going out across so many categories. We really just wanted to create that awareness.”