Re:thehappycorp; Future Friends and Things to Come

By Matt Van Hoven 

Update: We’re told Matt Spangler has taken some time to head to St. John’s for some fishing, R&R, etc. Apparently when he comes back he’ll be consulting. G’luck, dude.

Yesterday’s news
that thehappycorp is on pause, or whatever, was followed up by a report from Gawker that co-founder Doug Jaeger let the remaining staff go. We haven’t heard if they’re getting any severance but it seems some of them (at least) had a heads up on the changes.

Those three are Jeff Baxter, Jon Chonko and Alex Sturtevant. Not counting co-founders Jaeger and still the still MIA Matt Spangler, that leaves 8 we haven’t heard about.

Meanwhile Jaeger has been doing a bit to help the Future Friends, posting on his Facebook wall yesterday, “Check out thefuturefriends(dot)com it would mean a lot to me.”

From their site:

“Hello, we’re Jeff, Jon, and Alex.

In the (very recent) past we were concepting, designing, and producing great work for great clients at thehappycorp global.

In the present (no longer at thehappycorp) we’re still working together and making clients happy as Future Friends.

In the (terrifyingly near) future robot kings will rule the earth and we’ll need all the friends we can get.

Let’s be Future Friends.”

We’re hoping to talk with a few of these folk at this week’s ADC party. Thursday night, don’t miss it.