Replacing Your Teeth with Skittles a Sure Bet to Receive Hot Makeouts

By Bob Marshall 

From DDB Chicago comes the latest spot for Skittles which encourages young girls at go-kart tracks to “French the Rainbow,” thus stealing sugar-coated dentures away from shy boys nationwide.

The last time we saw a non-adult steal a kiss in a nationwide campaign was with “Prom,” Audi’s Superbowl spot from earlier this year which some people called “rape-y” and positioned Audi as “promoters of sexual assault.” Will a similar outcry occur at the defense of the candy-toothed victim in this spot? No, of course not, and feel free to get all outraged about that in the comments if that’s how you feel like spending your Wednesday.


But, before you do, I invite you to consider the true crime in this spot: Taking advantage of the young boy’s obvious dental disability to sell candy. It’s obvious that his family was unable to afford adequate dental care, and the boy must live his whole life frowning so that his sweet secret isn’t revealed. Ridicule at that age from classmates can really mess a kid up. Credits after the jump.

Agency: DDB Chicago
Mark Gross – SVP, Executive Creative Director
Kathleen Tax – Creative Director (Copywriter)
Marisa Groenweghe – Creative Director (Art Director)
Will St. Clair – VP, Executive Producer
Scott Terry – Production Manager
Kate Christiansen – VP, Senior Account Director
Gwen Hammes – VP, Account Director
Jennifer Marks – Account Executive
Trace Schlenker – Account Manager
David “Chizzy” Chriswick – SVP, Group Strategy Director