Remember Remember, It’s Still Freaking ‘Movember’ (Updated)

By Kiran Aditham 

Even though we’re halfway through November and everyone’s now itching to get away for the Thanksgiving holiday, we’d be remiss not to mention that this month of course also signifies “Movember,” the annual event where agency people among others grow facial hair for good causes. We’ve glossed over some of the Movember efforts thus far (for shame), so we’re glad GS&P reminded us this morning via their own project dubbed “Goodby Silverstein & Moustaches.”

The GS&M initiative is being led by the agency’s creative coordinator and “team captain” Bryce Cline, who says, “The team Goodby Silverstein & Moustaches is something that ‘The Pit,’ those of us who sit on [third] floor who are interns and Creative Coordinators, are doing. We take pictures everyday of our moustaches and are compiling visuals with the pictures. But we wanted it to be bigger than us so we put up posters all over the agency hoping others may join.”

So far, about 17 Goodby staffers have joined in the GS&M effort, the goal of which is to help promote men’s health. Donations, meanwhile, have totaled approximately $420 thus far, though perhaps the poster featuring the giddy agency namesakes above might help the cause. But where oh where is Mr. Goodby’s stache?

While we’re on the subject and Movember, we should also mention that fellow Bay Area agency Pereira & O’Dell has also gotten in on the action. We mentioned it briefly at the beginning of the month, but might as well refresh your memory since we do kinda dig their Movember logo (below).

Update: Well, more agencies want in on the Movember coverage, so we’ll oblige. Peep Organic Detroit and Draftfcb SF’s salutes after the jump.

From Draftfcb SF, which has its own Movember site here:

From Organic Detroit, which provided this mid-Movember update last week, here are some more mustachioed staffers below.