Red Stripe Celebrates Small Victories

By Ella Riley-Adams 

Your average beer commercial tends to be a bit oversaturated. Whether Budweiser Clydesdales are clomping through the snow or Coors Light mountains are changing colors, big beer brands love their drama and growly-voiced narrators. Red Stripe, however, sets themselves apart by appreciating the little things in life.

In its latest campaign from BBDO NY, the Jamaican beer brand celebrates finding five dollars in your pocket, successfully evading embarrassing office party moments, and using a big word in a business presentation. All the appreciation comes in the form of a reggae band, crooning lyrics like, “Ooh, look at you/using a big word in an office meeting, all correctly and stuff.”


Their end slogan is simply, “Hooray Beer!” Hard to argue with that. Just as much as everyone loves throwing out sweet vocab words and finding money, beer is a simple pleasure worth celebrating. Credits after the jump.

Chief Creative Officer:                                              David Lubars
Executive Creative Director:                                      Wil Boudreau
Art Director:                                                                Jake Blumenau
Copywriter:                                                                 Chris Bradford
Executive Producer:                                                   Kevin Wilson
Producer:                                                                    Zubin Simpson
Producer:                                                                    Estela D’Agati Duce

Exec Music Producer:                                                 Loren Parkins

Production Company:                                                Epoch Films
Director:                                                                      Matt Dilmore
Executive Producer:                                                  Lisa Margulis
Producer:                                                                    Caleb Omens

Editorial:                                                                     Fluid
Editor:                                                                         John Piccolo
Executive Producer:                                                   Laura Relovsky

Music House:                                                              Pirate
Mix Engineer:                                                             Mark Turrigiano
Online:                                                                        Fluid
Flame/Online artist:                                                  Wes Waldron

Audio Post:                                                                 Mr. Bronx
Mix Engineer:                                                             David Wolfe