Red Bull Runs Out of Ideas, Starts ‘Ad Contest’

By Bob Marshall Comment

Advertising: anyone can do it. At least Red Bull believes this, which is why they’re inviting the Joe Nobodys of the world to pitch ideas for their “Best Ad Contest,” an online effort where people can submit their scripts and vote for their favorites. Currently in the lead is “Red Bull Space Ship Breaks Down,” which goes a little something like this:

“STORY#1 Well, two astronauts were stranded on the moon because there shuttle broke down, til one realized he had a few Red Bulls. right after they drink them one of them plants a RedBull flag on the moon and they fly home ….or there can be one Red Bull instead of two and only one will get home. STORY#2 Two stranded astronauts and one RedBull and one says to the other lets race for it ,so they line up they both go on the count of three and instead of one of them wining one turns around and goes back to the RedBull and drinks it and flies up and shouts RedBull gives you wings . STORY#3 One of the astronauts pulls out a RedBull and the other astronaut say what are you gonna do with that RedBull . he here i will show you so he drinks it and flies up and says RedBull gives you wings and flies off.”

The guy who wrote this, Nicholas Cade, is a total genius. Grammar aside, any one of these “stories” sounds exactly like the ads Red Bull actually puts on television. Just include “Red Bull gives you wings,” and the rest is pretty much fair game.

For those a little more Nicholas Cage than Nicholas Cade, Red Bull offers “inspiration” on their website to stave off writer’s block, offering dice that feature a random person, action and location. We got “a cougar plays guitar at Old Faithful,” which we imagine some as of yet undiscovered creative will turn into solid gold.