Recruiting Agency Has Some Very ‘Caliente’ Names for Creative Talent on Cinco de Mayo

By Patrick Coffee 

Seems that Donald J. Trump isn’t the only person to use this odd holiday to declare, “I love Hispanics!

Today we received an email sent to a creative shop by a staffing agency that went all out with the Cinco de Mayo theme. Under the headline “Caliente Talent For Your Hiring Fiesta!” the org wrote a few pseudo-biographical gems in which it named each of its job candidates after a Mexican food or drink item.

Do any of these hot tamales pique your interest? (That line was in the email too.)

  • “Guacamole has been a Copywriter for 10 years…”
  • “Margarita is an Art Director/Designer with 5 years of experience…”
  • “Tostada is a Project Manager and Event Planner…”
  • “Salsa is a UI Designer…”
  • “Enchilada has been an Art Director…”
  • “Nacho is an experienced designer…”
  • “Ceviche is a Self-driven, and results oriented Digital Marketing Professional…”

You get the point, “Amigo.”

For the record, ceviche is not Mexican. The raw fish dish is rumored to have originated in Peru, and it is delicious.

We don’t find this email to be as blatantly #facepalm tone-deaf as some others we’ve seen in recent months, but we think you’ll agree that it is quite dumb.