Recently Fired Copywriter Explains Why You Will Never Leave the Ad Industry

By Patrick Coffee 

Jared Davis is a copywriter. In fact, he has been senior copywriter at GlobalHue and VSA Partners, and he held the same title at Publicis Dallas…until he got fired in August.

He followed that unfortunate development yesterday with a post on LinkedIn titled, “So You Wanna Leave the Ad World?” In short, Davis argues that, for all the complaining that agency creatives (allegedly) do, they still love the business and most will stick with it through thick and thin.

Davis implies that he himself turned down an opportunity to partner with a colleague on “a business idea that had the potential to make some good money” in order to stay in advertising.

From his post:

“We’re an industry full of complainers. We complain about the long hours, crappy leaders, stupid clients, boring assignments and lame holiday parties. But in reality, most of us know how good we have it.”

He goes on to back up many of those complaints, writing that “I can count the great leaders I’ve known in my life on 3 fingers” and that crappy clients are a daily reality before making a controversial statement:

“But when you make the effort (yes, it’s an effort) to build a relationship with a client, to let them see you as a partner and not a preacher, they’re rarely sucky at all.”

Well then.

He concludes by arguing that, despite all the aforementioned warts, “you love it here” and “there are plenty of things right with this industry.”

Maybe some of our readers will disagree.