Real Men of the World Launch Anti-Soyboy #BoycottGillette ‘Movement’

By Patrick Coffee 

It’s Monday, January 14, 2019, and we still can’t have nice things.

Gillette ran an ad you have seen today that is very similar to The Talk in that it doesn’t do much in the way of directly advertising the P&G products in question but does make some general, non-partisan commentary on a larger issue or two affecting our society.

Here’s the extended Grey New York spot again in case you missed it.


In what may be the most predictable backlash to the backlash we have ever seen, someone on the mighty internet has proclaimed from on high that this campaign is offensive because it tells boys and men that they can no longer be (regular, normal?) boys and men.

The ad above is, in our opinions, pretty clearly saying that the following things are bad: bullying, fighting, being an open misogynist, and making your female co-workers feel like shit while ensuring that they don’t get full credit for the work they do.

Apparently not everyone agrees that these are bad things. Or at least they don’t think Gillette should be reminding us that they are.

Did you watch the same ad? Where is Gillette implying that all men are like this?

Again, this is the most disingenuous response possible, but one has to ask: are you saying that it’s cool for your kids to bully the crap out of their peers? And do you treat your female co-workers the way the Gordon Gekko archetype in this ad does?

People must be intentionally missing the fact that this ad features several examples of male humans who look very much like “men” intervening to improve a given scenario … unless they think doing that is, in itself, somehow compromising one’s masculinity.

Was the spot a little heavy-handed? Yes. It’s an advertisement. Not sure what you guys were expecting.

Finally, does the brand of razor you buy have anything at all to do with the way you define yourself as a man—and whether you are then a success or failure in your own personal endeavors, whatever they may be?

Everyone involved in this “conversation” knows the answer. Tomorrow it will be something else.