Rauxa Shows Off Dentegra’s Great Teeth

By Patrick Coffee 

Dental insurance providers are certainly not the most colorful clients on paper. But Rauxa’s goal in this newest campaign for client Dentegra was to create spots that are “absolutely nothing like traditional dental insurance ads.”

The agency tells us that the campaign is getting more attention than your average promotion for such a staid industry; it’s definitely all over the place, but it all falls under the tagline “With Great Teeth, Anything Is Possible.”

Here’s the first spot:


Three more after the jump.

The next ad, “Muela Vengadora,” recreates a scene from a long-forgotten wrestling film:

Here’s a sci-fi/CGI detour:

Finally, the campaign takes a breather in Times Square:

Executive Creative Director: Nobbie Kim
Associate Creative Director: Alan Jacobs
Associate Creative Director: Jenn Muranaka-Chaney
Senior Art Director: Sujeet Paul
Copywriter: Brian Thornton
Art Director: James Nguyen
Art Director: Sweenie Khachi
Chief Strategy Officer: Ian Baer
Studio Manager: Chris Posthuma
Production Artist: Kon Kozitsky
Proofreader: Stacie Knable-Crook
Proofreader: Joe Barrett

Project Manager: Sarah Wice
Senior Production Manager: Alejandra Rivera
Senior Production Manager: Erika Risk
Broadcast Producer: Nancy Rose
Art Producer: Deb Grisham

CEO/Account Lead: Jill Gwaltney
Account Director: Amy Davidson

Account Manager: Ashley Fields