Rate That Ad: Maserati From Callen

By Doug Zanger 

Call it kismet, but your friends at Chez AgencySpy have long discussed trying something with rating ads. We have yet to come up with, you know, a system or anything slick.

However, we just got this ad from Callen for Maserati. Yes, you’re reading this correctly. Wieden + Kennedy’s indie in Austin, Texas, is on the roster of the legendary Italian car brand that very few people in advertising (and even fewer in trade journalism) can afford.


Anyhoo, we didn’t get a ton of background on the work, so we found this to be a great (read: lazy) opportunity to try it out. Let’s go ahead and call it “iterating.”

We’ll share this on social, and you can weigh in with your McConaughey rating (Austin agency = Austin rating system) from one to five McConaugheys.

We give it four McConaugheys because it’s more than just alright, alright, alright. It’s a nicely shot and produced ad that kept us through the full minute. We wanted to see what the payoff was and what the hell the fans were for. Bonus: It was an international production shoot (remote, of course) from locations around the globe.

The work supports some nifty interactive (created by Resn) as well.

“These are beautiful, powerful machines. In making this, we put emphasis on finding a practical expression of their power—a symbol of the finely engineered chaos these engines produce,” said Craig Allen, Callen founder. “It was an honor to work with such an incredible brand. It’s rare that you get the chance to work on a product that you had posters of on your childhood wall.”


CCO, Founder: Craig Allen
Managing Director: David Hughes
Head of Strategy: Julianna Simon
Creative Directors: Brandon Mugar, Reuben Hower
Senior Freelance Producer: Nick Sage
Business Affairs: Julie Petruzzo

Production Company
Company: Object Animal + Blur
Director: Mau Morgó
Director of Photography: Albert Salas
Producer: Aldo Guenther
Executive Producer: James Cunningham

Editor: Marc Soria
Producer: Sara Camacho Gutierrez

Company: The Mill
Creative Director: Alex Candlish
Executive Producer: Anastasia von Rahl
Senior Producer: Anita Emor

Sound Design/Mix
Company: Factory Studios
Sound Designer: Mark Hills
Executive Producer: Lou Allen

Company: The Mill
Colorist: Matt Osborne
Associate Producer: Blake Rice