Rapp Collins’ Doppelganger in AT&T Spot

By Matt Van Hoven 

We hear that some of the bees over at Rapp Collins Worldwide (New York, anyway) are a little peeved about a recent AT&T spot that first aired over Mother’s Day (thank you, Hallmark, for relieving me of $50 more) that has a strikingly similar feel to the Rapp Collins Web site.

Here’s the AT&T spot, courtesy New York’s 1stAveMachine


So clearly, there are similarities between the two pieces. RC calls their theme “future garden brand” &#151 an idea that screams light, airy, effervescence that 1stAveMachine (whether guilty or not) latched onto.

A call to 1stAveMachines is yet to be returned &#151 and I totally told them I’m on deadline. WTF people? Now you look like you stole shit.