Random Naked Man Exposed as BBH LA Stunt

By Patrick Coffee 

The E! network surprised approximately no one this morning by revealing that the “naked man climbing out of a Buckingham Palace window” video that went viral over the weekend was actually a promotion for its rare scripted show The Royals.

We were, however, slightly surprised to learn that the responsible party is BBH LA, which has been producing promos for the show (here’s a trailer).

The video isn’t terribly convincing, but it still worked:

Note the young actresses’ utter inability to feign surprise.

This isn’t the first stunt in the campaign, which includes its own fake tabloid/tumblr page and a Christmas video of the “queen” dropping an F-bomb.

Unfortunately, no one at BBH can discuss the work at the moment; we looked forward to getting a killer quote on the UX portion of this campaign.