Raises: The Myth of 2009

By Matt Van Hoven 

Strong business managers are proficient at many things, one of which is taking advantage of a market to bolster their company’s bottom line. Today we delve into the business of raises, which for many of you are a dream that won’t come true for quite sometime. At best, some of you are hoping for a firm handshake at the winter holiday party, assuring you that you’ll still have a job come January. But a raise? Fuggetabahdit.

A spy writes today to gauge how the rest of you are doing. Our guess: you’re waiting, talking with colleagues about it, and hoping for 1%. Those of you have gotten them are feeling really good because you’re special! Or, you can’t be lived without. But in this economy, the statement of choice is “you’re s.o.l.”


Our spy noted that he/she works for a company whose CIO and top manager have clearly stated that they don’t need to give raises this year because “in this economy, where else would anybody go?” The humanity of it all.

Goes on the spy, “[l]ike most other agencies, we refuse to invest in technology and it’s causing a mass exodus of __ people with any real talent. They realize it’s a lost cause to combat someone’s ego driven technology decisions.”

Karma karma karma karma oops karma oops karma karma karma karma.

So what’s happening home and away, loyal readers &#151 have you gotten raises or promises of raises? Share your thoughts.

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