‘Quiznos Million Sub Giveaway’ is Kinda Sexist?

By Matt Van Hoven 

Giving things away for free is always a good thing, right? Well, as long as you don’t manage to offend anyone in the process. AgencySpy received an e-mail from a spy who claims the ‘Quiznos Million Sub Giveaway‘ is cock-blocking her and some female coworkers from enjoying delicious free sandwiches.

Writes our Ladyspy:

“So, my coworkers and I were super excited to link tot he Quiznos Million Sub Giveaway yesterday…but we noticed… only the men in the agency actually received their coupons for free subs. This morning, us female coworkers tried again, but marked the button for sex as ‘male.’ The result? We’ve all just received our free quiznos coupons. Douchebags. I hate the ad business.”

Well we just tried it too; the first time we clicked male and the second time we clicked female. And now we’re sitting on two coupons for free subs. Here’s hoping they don’t check my ID on the coupon that reads, “Jane Bob” &#151 bottom line though, we’re not sure where this glitch is coming from but it may be fixed already. Now, we’ve got a recession on, so go get your free sandwich.

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