Quiznos Gets All Lolcats in New Value Menu Promo

By Michael Musco 

Could Quiznos get their advertising any sillier than their previous spots of those crazy eyed monkey/raccoon/lemur hybrids? They sure as heck are trying.

Their latest science experiment, I mean campaign, emphasizes three cats called the “Singimals”, which sing the features of Quiznos’ new $5, $4, $3 menu offerings by borrowing the theme song from the Three Stooges. This campaign also encourages consumers to upload their own renditions of the Singimals song for their chance at winning $5000, $4000 and $3000 cash prize.


This genius campaign (I’m joking) was created once again by Seattle-based Wongdoody, which has moved on from those talking oven ads into even more bizarre territory, seemingly drawing inspiration from online animal videos (and possibly hallucinogenics).

As weird as those original spots were, they had everyone talking and brought recognition to the brand by going so over the top with those crazy, singing, animal hybrids that I don’t know if anything they do can surpass that.

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