Quarantune In to AgencySpy’s Daily Live Twitter Chats

By Doug Zanger 

Some of you may have noticed that each day at noon Pacific, we’ve been taking to Twitter/Periscope to have conversations with people in the industry. There isn’t a whole lot of structure around the discussions with features like fancy packaging or, if we’re being honest, shaving.

But, the point is that we want to find out how people are managing life as COVID-19 continues to march its way around the globe. We also want to dig into some advice that we hope is useful to everyone. Plus, you get to see my collection of hats and perhaps an anecdote or two (like the time I brushed my teeth with the dog’s toothpaste one morning).

Below are the guests that we have had so far. Each person has brought his or her perspective to the world and given some truly useful information.


The good news is that you can run these in the background to listen. There’s no real reason to be staring at my ugly mug the whole time.

And if you’re interested in joining us, hit up our DMs or email agencyspymail@protonmail.com.

March 24
Mac McKelvey (@mackmckelvey), founder of Salient MG (@SalientMG)
Main topics: Managing your time well while working from home.

March 23
Lincoln Stephens (@LincolnSteffens), founder of the Marcus Graham Project (@MGProject)
Main topics: How talent can make the most of their time as things begin to get back to normal. This is also the story about how I used the dog’s toothpaste.

March 20
Founder of @thebenchllc
Main topics: What agency life may look like and how talent can take advantage of the next era of advertising.

March 19
Denver Ad School (@DenverAdSchool) founder Jesse Alkire (@JesseAlkire)
Main topics: How young talent can use their time well to learn and prepare to positively impact the market.

March 18
Bennett D. Bennett (@BennettDBennett) of The Gradient
Main topics: What organizations like The Gradient are doing to help talent thrive and what agency people are feeling at this point.

March 17
Founders of Mt. Freelance (@mount_freelance)
Main topics: What freelancers should be thinking about and doing to be in a strong position.

March 16
The one and only Dong Draper (@dongtent)
Main topics: The state of the industry, especially among creatives. Bonus: I had spinach in my teeth.