Pushing Back In Saatchi’s Favor

By SuperSpy 

So we got this email below today in response to some of Saatchi Singapore’s recent shenagians and the recent media attention the scandal has received. It seems some folks are pushing back against what they say is a witchhunt against the agency. You be the judge.


“As a group of concerned small businesses, we would like to voice our collective concern at the way Saatchi Singapore is being treated by the advertising industry and the media.

We firmly believe that Saatchi has been unfairly labelled as the biggest offender in Singapore for producing the so called “scam” ad.

We would like to make it plain that many businesses are highly supportive and appreciative of what Saatchi Singapore has done for them.

For a leading agency to produce countless ads for small business like Blush Lingerie, GBC Shredders and Silverfish Books, to name but three, is absolutely marvelous!

And for them to do so without charging a single cent for all their hard work is generosity indeed!!

What is more the agency is even kind enough to then pay for all these ads to run at least once.

We are also saddened by the whole Roger Makak witchhunt, this is both unfair and unfounded.

For advertising professionals in other agencies to claim that Andy Greenaway is NOT Roger Makak is outrageous.

Mr Greenaway has made it abundantly clear that he is responsible for every single ad that has ever won an award for Saatchi. This includes, I am told, that famous one for British Airways where people run around and then form a smiley face.

Anyone who is still not convinced should ask one of Mr Greenaway’s minions as they can confirm all of the above is true.

If they happen to be unwilling to talk, then Mr Greenaway will gladly make up their minds for them.

We trust this statement will put an end to any more speculation regarding the integrity of both Saatchi Singapore and Mr Greenaway.

Yours sincerely

Concerned Supporters of Saatchi Singapore”