Puma Lets Employees Do the Talking

By Kiran Aditham 

Why pay a horde of celebrities to endorse your brand when your own staff will do just fine (and come cheaper)? That looks to be Puma’s thinking with its new “Employees Only” campaign, which features fourteen handpicked employees from Puma stores across the country who will serve as brand ambassadors of sorts.

The online/in-store effort will have the employees obviously plugging Puma gear but also offering their most random thoughts which we might not even care to know but include everything from chicken nugget love to begging for cupcakes to love-seeking. While the campaign’s Facebook page serves as a hub that fills you in on the employees and lets you interact, Puma is also hosting in-store events in seven locations from Boston to LA where you can grab posterboard, scribble your thoughts to be displayed, get photographed for your own Facebook profile and take part in scavenger hunts. It’s like a kumbaya session with cool kicks involved.

The campaign will run through the beginning of fall and then reappear during the holidays with a new batch of employees in tow. If you care to know more about the help, you can peep Puma’s YouTube site.

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