Publicist Launches Enterprise Solution to Partner With Agencies And Enterprises

By Kyle O'Brien 

Publicist, a talent marketplace that partners with agencies and brands to help them source and manage their external marketing workforce, has launched a new enterprise solution.

The enterprise software is designed for large teams for demand planning, resource management, financial payments and contracts. It’s the next step in the company’s growth—and one that allows Publicist to use technology to manage the process from sourcing to hiring, paying and managing a company’s external marketing workforce.


Publicist saw a trend of large agencies looking to the company to hire not just a few people, but for hundreds of roles, especially during the Great Resignation, which has led to higher attrition rates and made it more difficult to lock in talent.

“That’s the context for needing to build a really flexible and scalable platform,” Lara Vandenberg, CEO and founder of Publicist told Adweek. “So what we’ve done with the enterprise solution is, we’ve built in workflow tools for entire teams to have access to a platform.”

Through the platform, which was developed in-house with proprietary technology, utilizes rich data so agencies are able to search from over 10,000, pre-screened, pre-vetted profiles. It lets companies know availabilities of potential workers if they need to fill roles for those on maternity leave or other short or long-term positions. The enterprise solution adds an additional layer of service to help companies reduce the time to hire—and Vandenberg said it will save those looking to hire large numbers of people time and money.

Vandenberg founded Publicist in 2020 as an online marketplace for companies to access and hire contract marketing, creative and communications quickly and easily. Since then, the company has grown its network of mostly independent workers to 10,000, with 60% of the talent having worked for Fortune 1000 and every agency holding company.

Vandenberg said that marketing and creative talent continues to move from full-time work to freelance and consultancy work at a record pace. Publicist has a mission to provide economic and creative opportunities to everyone in the marketing workforce—and its model seems to be working, as the company continues to grow 10% month-on-month and is expanding its reach beyond the U.S.

“Rolling out this enterprise solution is really exciting for us. We will expand to Europe later this year. And the talent pool is really growing. We’re excited to be the network for marketers,” said Vandenberg.