Publicis Seattle Unleashes ‘#KimsDataStash’ for T-Mobile

By Erik Oster 

Kim Kardashian — err, Kim Kardashian West — stars in Publicis Seattle’s Super Bowl spot for T-Mobile, entitled “#KimsDataStash.”

The 30-second ad, which premiered last night on Conan, is presented as a mock PSA with Kardashian billed as “Kim Kardashian West, Famous Person.” She laments how “each month millions of gigs of unused data are taken back by wireless companies.” That’s data that could be used to look at her selfies, “sadly, all lost.” The spot ends with the line, “It’s Your Data, Keep It,” and introduces “Data Stash,” which lets users keep unused data for up to a year.


The self-skewering satire of the ad is sure to go over well with Kardashian’s fans, and while others will be as annoyed with “Kim Kardashian West, Famous Person” as ever, the spot does a good job of introducing the selling point of T-Mobile’s “Data Stash.” And between the celebrity star power and its Super Bowl airing, this one is sure to reach a lot of eyes.