Publicis Seattle Removes 1967 Corvette in Pre-Game Spot for Aflac

By Erik Oster 

Publicis Seattle released its pre-game spot for Aflac, which continues the brand’s strategy of finding different ways to show how without insurance seemingly minor medical costs can add up.

In the 30-second “Surgery” spot a man discovers his gallbladder surgery isn’t such a simple procedure when the surgeon informs him they’ll be removing a 1967 Corvette. You see, he doesn’t have insurance so he’ll have to sell the car to cover rent. It’s pretty depressing territory for a Super Bowl ad but Publicis Seattle cloaks the message in absurdist humor.

“Surgery” will run after the National Anthem and before the game’s opening kickoff. Aflac will also run the recent “Ski Patrol” spot during the pre-game show on Fox.

“We are excited to demonstrate the value of Aflac’s products and services to an audience that is likely to top 110 million people, the largest that has ever witnessed the debut of an Aflac Duck commercial,” Aflac senior vice president and CMO Gail Galuppo said in a statement.