Publicis Mojo Goes On Mission to Break the Ice

By Michael Musco 

The ASB bank staff has kindly chosen to donate $40,000 to the Auckland City Mission. But there’s a catch (there always is) and it’s that the money is encased in a huge block of ice. In order to free the cash so it can be used to help Auckland families in need, the Mission is asking for the public to pitch in and help.

Three state-of-the-art, text-activated robots have been positioned around the block of ice, ready to spray hot water, shoot flames and blast with steam. When the public sends a $3 text with the word ‘FIRE’, ‘WATER’ or ‘STEAM’ to 305, the robots spring to life, and break through the ice to the four safes inside. This is all being broadcast live via the site where those who donate can watch their good deed unfold right in front of their eyes.


“Trapping those funds in ice dramatizes the plight of families living in poverty and experiencing the extra hardships that winter brings. By sending a text, you can see your money making an immediate and real difference. In a way, it’s a reminder of the positive difference the Auckland City Mission make every day,” says Lachlan McPherson, creative director of Publicis Mojo, the Auckland City Mission’s agency behind the idea.

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