Publicis Glorifies Mets, Hardly Stirs Up Yankee Fans

By Michael Musco 

Publicis recently whipped up a bunch of 15-second shorts (and one 30-second effort), which were edited by Jon Daniel at Crew Cuts, for Citigroup and the New York Mets (yuck) starring none other than Mr. Met himself.

These latest clips are sure to get Met fans motivated and piss the hell out of all the Yanks. Either way it’s a win-win for Citigroup. The Met fans out there will appreciate these ads touting their beloved mascot while Yankee fans will hate (or just shrug at) them. What’s wrong with trying, albeit half-heartedly, to piss millions of people off? It’s kind of clever.


The people won’t hate on Citigroup and all the bad attention will be drawn towards the Mets, leaving the financial brand to make out like a bandit. You can check out the rest of the ads after the jump.


Drew Putzel: Producer
Jeremy Pippenger: Copywriter
Jacob Maraya: Art Director
Chris Skurat: ACD
Xavier Rodon: ACD
Perry Essig: CD
Peter Smith: ECD

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