PSFK’s Good Ideas Salon: The Video

By Matt Van Hoven 

Last week we liveblogged PSFK’s Good Ideas Salon at Soho House, sponsored by The Guardian. The event was well attended and the speakers were well spoken.

There were two panels, both moderated by AdScam blogger George Parker, but the better of the two was the second. Inspiring minds included People, Ideas & Culture founder Domenico Vitale, The Joneses founder Gill Linton, and Alain Sylvain of Red Scout. They riffed about the future of the business, co-opting brands into the agency bottom line, and maybe most importantly the agency model that’s best suited to a successful client relationship (hint: a slimmed down, flexible agency with low overhead).


The thought leader on the subject was far and away Vitale, whose agency works on a skeleton staff and brings in talent from various industries to solve client problems. This way, he says, his business can avoid turning into a factory that must produce a certain amount of product each month to stay afloat.

After the jump, catch the first part of the salon where Curvin O’ Reilly, Tom Messner of Bonaccolta Messner and John Garland of Garland/Berjis Consulting wax nostalgic about where the industry went wrong. Subjects include the holding company model and red socks.

Thanks to Piers Fawkes of PSFK for inviting us along.

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