Proximity Russia Repurposes Retargeted Ads for 3M

By Erik Oster 

Proximity Russia pulls off the neat trick of finding a practical purpose for retargeted ads in its latest effort for 3M.

The agency collaborated with different banner networks in Russia to implement a technology that transforms retargeted banner ads into virtual post-it notes that users can customize. As Adweek points out, this turns retargeted banner ads’ weakness — they keep popping up, over and over again — into a strength, as it allows users to create messages to remind themselves of important information. Like the banner ads they replace, the notes follow users from site to site, but they turn what would be a nuisance into a useful tool. It’s a clever trick that doubles as a covert ad for 3M’s Post-it notes, illustrating their usefulness.



Client: 3M
Marketing Supervisor: Sergey Smolentsev
Marketing Coordinator: Yulia Smirnova
Agency: Proximity Russia
Creative Director: Andrew Kontra
Senior Copywriters: Polina Zabrodskaya, Anna Migaleva
Senior Art Director: Fernando Muto
Business Development Director: Mikhail Vdovin
Digital Director: Alexander Makarovsky
Senior Account Manager: Polina Zvereva
Digital Production House: INDEE Interactive
Producer: Alexey Zinchenko
UI designer: Egor Bernikov
Coders: Arina Vernidub, Andrey Zakurdaev, Oleg Nikanorov