Production Company Behind 2017’s ‘Incognito Hip-Hop Video’ Is Back With a New Fake Infomercial

By Patrick Coffee 

Oh shit, y’all remember Droptree Productions, the company behind that sick 2017 hip-hop video that was all the better for being filmed behind their clients’ backs over two years’ worth of commercial shoots?

They’re back with a new Vimeo Staff Pick, whooo!!!


You won’t read this before you click play, but we still have to warn everyone that the video below does not include any dope rhymes or slick cuts. It does, however, offer a somewhat sobering take on what production agencies actually do addressed to you, the creative agency professional.

Take it away, Mikey Pitchman.

We did appreciate the shout out, of course. But our favorite part of the video was that segment when the narrator admitted that insufferable egos are part of the business and always will be, no matter how many agencies get bought up by faceless consultancies.

The fake customer testimonials were cool, too. Perhaps most importantly, we’re told that Droptree will indeed send you free shit.