Process Talks About the ‘First Time’ for Dear Kate

By Erik Oster 

Production company Process crafted an online spot for startup underwear brand Dear Kate asking women about their first period.

Entitled “First Time,” the spot opens with women suggestively giving the location of their “first time,” before one woman says, “That’s the first time I got my period.” Directed by Mary Harron (the writer/director of films such as American Psycho, I Shot Andy Warhol and The Notorious Betty Page), the spot mines women’s awkward experiences with menarche for humor. Somewhat reminiscent of HelloFlo’s advertising in its directness, the women in the spot share stories that they’re able to laugh about now but were terrifying at the time. Dear Kate, of course, is presented as the “revolutionary” alternative to girls stealing XL tampons from a drug store (as one woman shares) or just throwing out pair after pair of underwear. There’s also a gallery on the Dear Kate site, designed to “inspire a greater dialogue around the many emotions and varied experiences of first periods” by inviting visitors to upload their own “First Time” stories.


Client: Dear Kate

Production Company: Process

Director: Mary Harron

Executive Producer: Tim Perell

Producer: Hannah Shore

Director of Photography: Luca Del Puppo


Editing Company: Final Cut

Editor: Ashley Kreamer

Executive Producer: Lauren Bleiweiss

Head of Production: Viet-An Nguyen


Post Facility: Significant Others/Final Cut

Audio Mix: T. Terressa Tate


Color: Sixteen19

Colorist: Andrew Francis

Senior Producer: Brian Reali

Conform Editors: Charles Leighton and Michael Roush

Music: Alistair Paxton