Press Release of the Day: Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Evolves (Finally!)

By Matt Van Hoven 

Working on your next big out-of-foors advertisement campaign launches? Try inflatable innovation machine device object (recently upgraded): ARMZ, or as this press release headline says “Innovative Outdoor Advertising Medium Transforms Static Inflatables to Moving Inflatables.”

“SkyDancers International Inc., the technology leader in inflatable advertising today announced a major breakthrough with its introduction of an industry first, ArmZ, moving arms for static inflatables.”


Thank peaches, we’d been waiting for this advancement for years and seconds. And then (emphasis ours), “But until now, never the twain has met, that is, static inflatables remained static and the moving inflatables remained moving, but what if the static, non-moving inflatables started moving? What then? Would it be the making of a sci-fi movie? Would the inflatable Godzillas start crushing cars and breathing fire?”

ZOMG, zoinks, even. Could the world itself explode, ceasing to be due to the extreme awe? “Not quite” said some guy familiar with this product.

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