Premature Ejaculator? Got Erectile Dysfunction? Try This Nasal Spray!

By Matt Van Hoven 

A campaign for a prescription nasal spray that claims to help men overcome premature ejaculation and and erectile dysfunction will be pulled from 196 billboards in the U.K. because of a law against advertising prescription drugs on billboards.

The ads, which you can see above, also contain the word “SEX” in huge letters. And that foul, nasty, unthinkable word is what began the issues for Titan advertising, the agency responsible for despicably allowing such work to be shown. The horror! Apparently, an insane number of complaints have been logged, and the only way the Advertising Standards Authority could get them down was to remind the company that, oh, it’s illegal to tell people about prescription drugs (“to advertise directly to the general public”, that is).

The Guardian can be thanked for this story, and the following quote comes courtesy of a Titan rep., “We do believe that our position is legally defensible but we take a common sense approach to these issues and would rather focus on providing the help that can change the lives of the hundreds of thousands of men suffering from these issues, rather than on responding to continued debate through the media.”

Simply lovely how the Brits handle these issues. Cheers!

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