PR Shop Guy Claims ‘Many’ Ad Agencies ‘Don’t Understand’ Social Media

By Matt Van Hoven 

In your tepid ‘Confucius Say’ Friday afternoon advertising “news”, we bring you the story of Shift Communications’ principal Todd Defren’s recent blog post entitled “(Many) Advertising Agencies (Still) Don’t Understand Social Media“. Um, funny he’d say that given Shift just lost the much ballyhooed Century 21 social media account to Mullen, as reported by PRNewser.

To be sure, losing a social media account to an ad agency and then saying “many agencies don’t understand” is well within Defren’s right to free speech. It just doesn’t make sense, regardless of the story’s context. In this case, Defren argues that this terribly-awful attempt at social is a miss. We agree. But it’s probably too soon for him to be all “ad agencies don’t get it”.

Btw, Confucius Say “Man who lives in glass house should change clothes in basement.”


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