PP+K Stages Slow-Mo Drama for Bright House Networks

By Erik Oster 

PP+K launched a pair of new spots for Bright House Networks, promoting Bright House wi-fi hotspots and the new Voyager DVR with “Coming Home” and “Burned.”

“Coming Home” promotes the Voyager DVR’s ability to record up to six shows at once and play them back on any TV in the house. The 30-second spot opens with the voiceover stating “Right now, you each want to catch up on all your favorite shows you missed while you’ve been on vacation” over footage of a family exiting the family van and making a mad dash towards the couch in slow-motion. As the mother makes a dive for the remote on the couch in the living room, the Voyager DVR is presented as the solution, and soon everyone in the house is catching up on their favorite shows… except dad, who is stuck unloading the car. The other spot, “Burned” shows a man panicking after burning the burgers at a children’s birthday party. Luckily, there’s a Bright House wi-fi hotspot to entertain the kids while he orders pizza. The slow-motion approach works better in “Coming Home,” and while both ads suffer from a kind of cheesiness, they make a clear case for the benefits of Bright House Networks’ offerings.

Agency: PP+K
Executive Creative Director: Tom Kenney
Creative Director: Paul Prato
ACD/Writer: Nick McMurdy
Sr. Art Director: Christy Beegle
Account Supervisor: Kyle Matos
Account Executive: Jessica Marcucci
Executive Producer: Christine Allen
Director: Scott Pickett
Director of Photography: Simon Duggan
Sr. Editor: Amanda Schreiber
Original Score: Mark Sunderland
Executive Director of Broadcast Production: Chanse Chanthalansy
Visual Effects Artist: San Nguyen
Audio Engineer: Roger Hughes

Client: Bright House Networks
Senior Director of Marketing: Anthony Macchia
Director of Creative Production: Justin Glorieux