Post Death Knell: The First Of The Financial Advertising Ads

By SuperSpy 

New advertisements from fast acting Oppenheimer Funds, their agency EuroRSCG and digital shop, BLIND of Santa Monica are debuting shortly. The campaign is called, “Numbers,” and the strategy is to focus on the overwhelming amount of data available to investors and financial professions. Choose Oppenheimer and the brand can make sense of all those numbers. Get it?

This is the first creative coming from a financial firm after the shock of the mortgage crisis on Wall Street. The first spot will highlight the importance of “long-term investing.” The second round in will be about the ease of retirement planning with tools available through Oppenheimer. The company’s tagline is conveniently, “The Right Way to Invest.” Not a bad tag to have considering the current market.


The ads are an attempt to drum up business from the Joe Normal investor who is feeling considerably jaded. Oppenheimer has also lowered their requirements to buy into some of their funds while giving current customers constant updates on their standing in the marketplace.

Transparency is a good move. Wondering about the “we’ll make sense of the numbers” bit considering that the false data that was being fed to the computers by financial firms is a small part of what kicked off this whole mortgage crisis thing. Perhaps, a better move would have just been transparency all by itself. Add in a touch of clarity about how much the top dogs are invested in Oppenheimer. How about more on how the fund managers plan on being accountable in the future? What about the tools the fund will be using to assess data and inform investors of market changes? Transparency. Say it three times really fast. It’s the new law.

P.S. If you want a thorough explanation of the mortgage crisis straight from the mouths of the players involved (from the top dawg to the middleman and below), check out the This American Life episode called, The Giant Pool Of Money. It’s just excellent.