Porsche 99 Lease -Take It Over And I’ll Do Your Advertising Free

By SuperSpy 

From Craigslist comes today’s reality check. This entry posted in the Westchester New York section of the site creative director, Jonathan Rodgers, way of scaling back:

“I have a gorgeous 2007 C4S Cab (see pics) It’s loaded, rare, and well loved. I lease it for $1850 a month. It has 28 months left on the lease. If you take over my lease I will do your or your company’s advertising free for a year. I’m a nationally renowned creative director who’s worked on Pepsi, FedEx, Coke, McDonald’s, AT&T, and Dairy Queen. I’ve also done smaller regional brands and local projects like restaurants. (China Grill, Cafe Centro, etc) I have a long track record of building brands and an equally long list of creative awards including Cannes Lions, Clios, and two Emmys… If you were going to get a car, why not get some free great talent with it?”

So, that’s about $51K he has left to pay down. You got the cash? For that kind of money, perhaps you could get a nice print ad or two, a viral video on the cheap. Hey. You gotta do whatcha gotta do, right?

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