Pool Worldwide’s Website Hacked by Anonymous?

By Bob Marshall 

We’re not entirely sure if this is a legitimate website hacking or a publicity stunt, but from the looks of it, Amsterdam-based agency Pool Worldwide and film production company LEV Pictures have found themselves on the wrong side of internet vigilante group, Anonymous. The above message appears on the homepage of each of the companies’ websites and includes a link to this video:

According to the site’s page title, two anons that run by “F33LT” and “Cr8wCk3r” are responsible for the hack job. If these names sound familiar, it’s because the pair was reportedly responsible for taking down a Brazilian government website in August (though “Cr8wCk3r” is spelled “Cr3wCk3r” in that case).

If we are correctly deducing Anonymous’ reasoning behind this website hack, a Pool Worldwide and LEV pictures viral video collaboration used Anonymous’ name as part of a marketing stunt. Utilizing borrowed interest to turn a profit? Well, it certainly sounds like a plausible event in the world of advertising. It’s funny, because Google didn’t bat an eye when Pool Worldwide turned Maps into a first-person shooter last December. So, dear readers, if you have any information on whether or not Anonymous really is turning its attention toward the world of advertising, please let us know in the comment section.