PMK-BNC Launches Digital Marketing Agency Vowel

By Patrick Coffee Comment

vowelToday brings word that PMK*BNC will absorb the Baltimore-based social marketing agency Spokes in order to create a new all-digital unit called Vowel.

Based in New York, Vowel will be run by PMK*BNC COO Joseph Assad, and its offerings fall heavily on the marketing side of the agency equation: video and other digital content creation combined with social media management, analytics, “influencer marketing” and media relations.

Spokes’ co-founders will assume leading roles in the new entity: Jeff Diamond will be SVP and Matt Kennerson will be senior developer. Their shared portfolio includes work for Intel, UNIQLO, Virgin Mobile USA, and Rdio.

The team at Vowel also includes “senior-level staff with vast editorial and content experience” writing for publications like Blackbook, Billboard and People.