PlayStation Vita Brings ‘Assassin’s Creed’ to Life on the Subway

By Bob Marshall 

From Deutsch LA comes the above spot for PlayStation Vita, Sony’s latest portable gaming console that, at the lofty price tag of $250, is selling slower than Dreamcast, Sega’s final console before it dropped out of the console-making business completely.

Yes, PlayStation’s pricing model has gotten itself in some financial trouble over the last few years. While PlayStation built up its reputation for having the best video game titles and competitive technology since the release of its first console in 1995, the company got a little greedy with the release of PS3 and PlayStation Vita. Both of these systems are what most gaming experts would agree are the most technologically capable in their respective console categories, but six years after its release, Sony is still refusing to drop the price on the PS3 under $250. Meanwhile, in spite of the Vita’s sluggish sales since it debuted on the international market earlier this year, Sony is still not dropping its price tag. For you to truly understand the above spot for the Assassin’s Creed 3 bundle pack for Vita, you need to understand the position that Deutsch is in.


Unlike the campaign for the PSP, PlayStation’s earlier handheld platform that was marketed to casual gamers, Deutsch is aiming to hit the video game fanatics that are willing to shell out $250 in exchange for constant stimulation at all times. Look at it this way, thieves are probably more likely to rob iPhones on the subway these days instead of foreign-looking, clunky devices. Add to that the promise of a violent murder during your morning commute, and perhaps Sony can move some Vitas during the holiday season without lowering the price. Credits after the jump.

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