PlayStation, Nissan See if ‘Gran Turismo’ Gamers Can Actually Drive Stock Cars

By Bob Marshall 

From TBWA\Chiat\Day LA comes GT Academy, a six-part reality TV series that takes 16 of the world’s best Gran Turismo players and puts their driving skills to the real-world test. In other words, ‘SPLOSIONS.

The show comes through a partnership with Nissan and PlayStation, two international brands who believe the world wants to see cocky nerds explode into a ball of flame. While they are very correct with this insight, it should be noted that this when this series debuts on Thursday, it will be broadcasted stateside exclusively on SPIKE TV. This is an absolute shame, because it means that only insufferable douchebags will watch it instead of the probably better target G4 group. Too bad, because viewers of G4 actually have the expendable income to buy new cars AND they love video games. Oh well.


SPIKE TV viewers can also access exclusive bonus content with a second screen app designed by Critical Mass. For more information, visit Nissan’s GT Academy site here, and may the odds be ever in your favor.