Planit Channels Classic ‘Get A Mac’ Campaign for Apple Federal Credit Union

By Erik Oster 

Nostalgia for any decade after the ’90s still makes us feel kind of old, but then almost two decades have passed since the turn of the century.

Take this new campaign for Apple Federal Credit Union, one of the largest credit unions in Northern Virginia (why don’t you know that?), which will run on broadcast locally through December, to the ubiquitous “Get a Mac” campaign for a certain other company named Apple which debuted in 2006.

The campaign from Planit, an agency based in Baltimore, riffs on a motif that is instantly recognizable to any of us born before the mid-’90s, pple Federal Credit Union standing in for the Mac user and Big Banks standing in for that dork with the PC. (Get it?)

These ads are presumably best viewed on a Motorla Razr or downloaded to your iPod nano. We’ll post about them on our MySpace page later, just don’t poke us on Facebook.

Perhaps we’re suckers for the nostalgic callback, but there’s a certain charm in the approach when it works (in the above “Great People,” mostly) and it actually seems to fit Apple Federal Credit Union’s message fairly well.

The campaign also informs viewers that Apple Federal Credit Union, while founded by educators, is now open to the general public.

And if you needed another reason to hate the Big Bank guy on the left, remember his role in the financial crisis that no one is nostalgic for.