Pizza Hut’s Latest Offer Is Kind of a Big Deal

By Erik Oster 

Ogilvy & Mather London launched a new campaign promoting the chain’s “Big Deal”offering a large pizza, garlic bread, wedges, any side and a drink for £14 with a series of short ads.

In the 30-second spot, a series of people receiving delivery from the chain express their amazement with the deal via comparison. “And I thought getting struck by lightning was a big deal” says one woman, soon followed by a ventriloquist dummy who has gone solo and a magnetic man. 10-second spots feature the latter characters individually, with a third focusing on an “Invisible Woman.” Each ad ends with the tagline, “Such a big deal nothing else seems like a big deal.” The whacky humor is nothing new for the category. As Adweek points out, Barton F. Graf has been mining that territory for Little Caesar’s stateside for years. Still, the goofy humor is attention-grabbing and well-tied to the message and the ads don’t linger for long enough for it to become a nuisance. In addition to spots on broadcast and online, the campaign is also supported by radio efforts.


Pizza Hut Delivery: “Big Deal”
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, London
Brand: Pizza Hut Delivery
Client: Adrienne Berkes, Chief Marketing Officer, Yum!
Copywriter: Will Marsden
Art Director: Jordan Down
Chief Creative Officer: Gerry Human
Creative Partner: Sam Cartmell
Planner: Matt Box
Planning Partner: Gen Kobayashi
Business Partner: Laurence Sassoon
Account Director: Jawad Ashraf
Director: Michael Clowater
Production Company: Smuggler Films
Producer: Adam Smith
Agency Producer: Thea Slevin
Post Production: The Mill
Media Agency: Starcom
Exposure: TV, Radio, Online