Pizza-Craving Agency Sends Out RFP to Local Hollywood Haunts

By Kiran Aditham 

This has all the makings of a Friday item. L.A.-based integrated agency Big Picture Group, which seems to have a focus on interactive and broadcast efforts for TV shows, decided to take their weekly Friday free staff lunch benefit one step forward. BPG staffers seem to have an appetite for pizza (like most of us do) and today starting at 12:30 PST, eight local pizzerias will be vying for guaranteed Friday business over the next 12 weeks. Lordy, believe it or not, the agency, which has selected staffers to play judge and jury, sent out an RFP and it reads as follows:

“Once a week, we break for lunch to enjoy the best pizza in town. No debate – the best. Does this get your competitive juices (and tomato sauce) flowing? We hope so.


We’d like to invite you to respond to our “Request for Pizza.” Winner gets our business.

Design Requirements
Pies can be round, square, thick or thin. You’re the artist. We’re just the guys and gals with smiles on our faces. One large pie of your choosing is all it takes to show your stuff.

Technical and Infrastructure Requirements
No “virtual” pizzas accepted. No virtual ovens, virtual Parmesan shakers, or virtual pizza cutters. All tasters will be real live, real hungry people.

Assumptions and Agreements
After a taste test showcasing local pizza shops, our employees will vote on their favorite. We’ll let you know by the Monday following “Taste Test Friday” if your pie took the prize.

Basis for Award of Contract
Winner to be determined by:
•       Yummm-factor
•       Presentation, ingredients, authenticity
•       Intangibles

Anticipated Selection Schedule
“Taste Test Friday” will take place on March 30, 2012 at 12:30pm.  The winning shop will be rewarded our business once a week for 3 months.

Delivery is to begin the following “Pizza Friday” with bpg guaranteeing the purchase of 5 (or 6) large pies for 12 consecutive weeks.”

Now, as New Yorkers, we know how people here can be pretty snobbish about our pizza and we don’t really see SoCal as a choice destination for the delicious dish (doesn’t everyone just hit up In-N-Out over there?). But perhaps, we’re missing something and now, we’ll know where to go on our next visit to the West Coast. Damn, is it lunchtime yet?