Pistachios Directs Some Neat Animated Spots for MTV Nordic

By Bob Marshall 

Upon watching these brief little spots from Swedish-based motion graphics company Pistachios and TV marketers Blacklist, three questions will undoubtedly arise. Yes, MTV Nordic is an actual “thing.” In fact, the English-language channel has been serving a large portion of Europe for over 12 years. Secondly, yes, it does play actual music videos, making it way cooler than whatever the hell is happening on America’s MTV. Finally, yes, jealousy is a normal reaction to have after finding out the answers to questions one and two.

Enter, won’t you? Join the magical world of circuit boards and their adventures in giving Nordic folks music videos. So, what do circuit boards and some colorfully drawn creatures have to do with MTV? As Pistachios’ Måns Swanber puts it, “I recently came up with a clever way to draw circuit boards, so I thought I’d turn them into figures. Swanber continues,”The world they live in, on the other hand, is entirely non-technological, it’s more like a surreal, quiet Eden.” Score one for animation, and score another for music videos. Europe doesn’t know how good they have it.

MTV Idents
Client: MTV Nordic
Written, illustrated and animated by Pistachios
Producers (MTV): Johan Nordin, Måns Nyman
Sound by Kungen & Hertigen