Piers Yeld Moves On from Grey Group

By Kiran Aditham 

peteyeldYes, there is a memo concerning this latest Grey announce and it comes from Grey Group chairman/CEO Jim Heekin, who says this regarding Piers Yeld, who has been with the agency network for nearly six years, serving in a top executive role on one of the agency’s largest accounts as you’ll see below. Here’s the note, ladies and gents:

“I wanted to share the news with you that Piers Yeld, our globe-trotting Global Chief Operating Officer on the P&G worldwide business, will be leaving Grey to conquer new worlds and have some family time.

In reflecting on his 30th anniversary at Grey which he just celebrated, Piers said few people can honestly say they have been fortunate enough to continue to grow professionally and personally at a single agency for so long.  That said, it is impossible to overstate the legacy of accomplishment he leaves us.

On Piers’ watch, Grey has achieved many milestones that have had an immense impact on the success of our global company:

·         For much of his career, he has worked on P&G spearheading our network expansion in new markets, helping us pioneer our footprint in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and most recently, sub-Saharan Africa

·         He has been a key architect of our team offering helping to build top brands, enhance our growth and agency reputation with 17 Euro Effies and 12 Cannes Lions

·         His leadership skills and passion for team building have instilled a single Grey DNA across many different offices and cultures, the glue that makes us a unique network

·         During his time in London and 12 years spent in New York, Mexico and Brussels, he has mentored a countless number of our best and brightest and helped them climb the ladder

Piers’ single-minded dedication to his clients, and Grey, always going above and beyond the expected has made him a “famously effective” role model and colleague for all of us who have been privileged to work with him.  We’ll miss his warmth, wit and humanity.

Please join me in thanking Piers for his vast contributions to Grey and in wishing him much happiness in the future.


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Jim Heekin, Chairman & CEO”