Philips’ ‘Wake-up Light’ Could Make You a Morning Person

By Bob Marshall 

Odds are, waking up this morning was no easy task. After all, if the Lord Almighty wanted us to work on Mondays, then why would he schedule NFL games on Sundays? Something doesn’t add up.

As the northern hemisphere runs full-speed towards winter’s shorter days and longer nights, Philips claims it has technology to make grumpy snooze button-pushers into actual “morning people,” and it’s enlisting the help of its agency, Tribal DDB Amsterdam, to create a social campaign for its experimental “Wake-up Light.” Testing for the product began last year in the Norwegian town aptly named Longyearbyen, where a population of a little over 2000 qualifies it for the northernmost settlement in the world (video below). As Longyearbyen is plunged into complete darkness for about four months a year, Philips gave the town’s residents its “Wake-up Light” to simulate natural sunlight. From testers’ reviews, it seems that the light was pretty successful, and Longyearbyen-ers reported a better wake-up experience.

Now, Philips and Tribal DDB are asking volunteers to take the “Wake-up Light” challenge using social media. An app on Philips’ Facebook page not only categorizes what sort of a “morning person” a user is, but it asks willing participants to take place in a 21-day experiment with the Wake-up Light, tracking their progress on an iPhone app that tests alertness, mood and ease of getting out of bed. Philips boasts that the “Wake-app” is “the first consumer-facing app to feature tests undertaken in sleep laboratories and clinical studies.”

Full results from the study are set to be released in November. If you’re a skeptic and a slow-riser like myself, you have to admit you’re at least a little interested to see if this experiment goes as planned. View the Arctic experiment below and credits after the jump.

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