Pesach Lattin: ‘I am extremely worried about the industry’

By Matt Van Hoven 

A good friend of ours forwarded the e-mail you see below. Our friend said he/she isn’t sure how he/she ended up being on Pesach Lattin’s (CEO of Vizi) e-mail list, but nonetheless what you’re about to read showed up in all its scared, ranty goodness. Please for to enjoy (and a note &#151 we formatted the copy, because it came through as one giant ugliferous block).

“I wanted to send everyone a quick note, after thinking a little bit about the economy and how it is going to affect the industry. Nothing really that deep, and perhaps you get nothing from it. However, it seemed appropriate considering all that is going on. Perhaps you don’t really care what I have to say, but perhaps you’ll find this at least interesting and send me a note back. I’d appreciate it.


(Ed’s note: it’s not very interesting…)

First of all, thank God(ess) that Vizi is in a great situation. We are a small company, with a large network &#151 great revenues and a great hardworking team. While a lot of other companies have spent ridiculous amounts of money attempting to expand, we have been slim, kept low overhead while having constant growth each year. This past year we made a lot of changes and because of this, we keep on growing, little by little each month.”

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