Peruvian Celebs Embrace Dubsmash to Address Country’s Child Abuse Issues

By Kiran Aditham 

While Dubsmash–the mobile app for creating selfie videos with famous sounds–is commonly used for fun and hijinks, it’s recently been put to a more socially productive use in a campaign from McCann Lima.

The agency aims to highlight the distressing matter of child abuse in Peru; according to advocacy group Save the Children, Peru has the highest rate of child abuses cases in Latin America at nearly 60 percent. Many abuse cases unfortunately go unreported due to fear, so McCann Lima enlisted the services of several native celebrities to use Dubsmash in order to get the public’s attention.


As you can see in the case study video above, the campaign drew in not only familiar Peruvian faces, but many others who embraced #HablaPorEllos (or #SpeakForThem), a project in which Dubsmash’s familiar silly voices were replaced by those of children.

Since its March 27 release, the #Speakforthem campaign has reached 12 million people and garnered over 6.2 million media impressions. Most importantly, the number of Peruvian citizens reporting child abuse allegations has risen since the campaign began.

Agency: McCann Lima
CCO: Mauricio Fernández Maldonado/ Nicolas Romanó
Copywriter: Frank Martí
Art Director: Christian Silva
Production: Luis Cisneros / Carlos García
Audio House: Sordo
Production House: Rebeca
Post Production House: Playpost
Client approval: María Gabriela Villalobos