Periscope Showcases Gnome Town, Meat Raffle and More ‘#OnlyinMN’ Attractions for the Minnesota State Lottery

By Erik Oster 

Periscope recently launched a new campaign for the Minnesota State Lottery emphasizing the unique quirks and charms of that state.

Entitled “#OnlyinMN,” the campaign promotes a state-themed scratch off with a look at some of the attractions which you can only find in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” One spot takes a look at Dawson, Minnesota’s “Gnome Town,” whose residents include Gerry, Areta and Mayor Al.

Other efforts focus on the 1029’s “Meat Raffle,” the Norwegian imports of Lefse ( a flatbread) and the phrase, “Uff da.” According to Wikipeida, it’s used to express “bafflement, surprise or dismay.” In Minnesota the phrase adorns such items as hats, mousepads and mugs.

The point is to tie the quirky charms of the distinctly Minnesotan to the “#OnlyinMN” scratch game, which likewise relies on the state’s unique charm.

Advertising Agency: Periscope, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Production Company: Committee Films
Editorial: Periscope
Color: Nice Shoes
Audio: Babble-On
Music: In The Groove