Periscope, Great Clips Let Their Hair Down for Teachers

By Patrick Coffee 

Contrary to popular belief, America’s public school teachers may have it even rougher than ad creatives. In fact, 3/4 of them spend their own money on classroom supplies for their students.

This campaign, created by Minneapolis indie agency Periscope for “world’s largest salon brand” Great Clips and, aims to inspire a little charity on behalf of those who made our readers the award-winning copywriters and art directors they are today.

The clip is more than five minutes long, and it doesn’t include much in the way of quippy taglines, but there’s a nice twist at the end–and it’s nice to see someone expressing genuine emotion in what is, effectively, an ad campaign.


The idea: every time someone downloads the Great Clips app, the company will make a donation to the nonprofit.

This is cause marketing. Credits after the jump.

Agency: Periscope

Client: Great Clips

Creative Director: Chris Wareham

Senior Art Director: Jen Neis

Associate Design Director: Brandon Van Liere

Associate Creative Director: Eric Drommerhausen

Community Engagement Specialist: Micah Kulish

Management Supervisor: Teddy Hobbins

Account Executive: Brooke Lattin